Dr. Kenneth Tullis

Author of
"The Courage to Live WorkBook"

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Jerry and Elsie Weyrauch founded the Suicide Prevention Action Network/USA (SPAN/USA) in 1996 in response to their daughter’s suicide. In October, 1998, Dr. Tullis and his wife, Madge, attended the National Suicide Prevention Conference in Reno, Nevada, cosponsored by SPAN/USA, then went on a campaign to “SPAN the state of Tennessee in 1998”.

With the support of Jerry and Elsie and Virginia Trotter Betts from Surgeon General David Satcher’s office, Madge and Ken  organized regional conferences across the state of Tennessee in the spring of 1999, pointing toward the first Tennessee Suicide Prevention Conference (TSPC), October 7-8, 1999, in Nashville, featuring Jerry and Elsie as speakers.

Starting in 2000, the Tullises presented workshops on survivors of suicide attempts at the annual SPAN/USA National Suicide Prevention Awareness Event in Washington

Mrs. Tullis served on the Board of Directors of SPAN/USA from November, 2001, to July, 2008.

Dr. Tullis served on the National Advisory Council of SPAN/ USA from February, 2003, to July, 2008.