Dr. Kenneth Tullis

Author of
"The Courage to Live WorkBook"

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Memphis, TN 38134
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Starting in 1999, Dr. Tullis and his wife, Madge, worked closely with the late Dr. James T. Clemons, PhD., Professor Emeritus of Wesley Theological Seminary and founder of Oassis.

Committed to reducing the stigma surrounding suicide, the Tullises invited Dr. Clemons to participate in a workshop on Religion and Suicide at the first Tennessee Suicide Prevention Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, October 7-8, 1999.

In April 2000, Madge and Ken were participants on a panel of survivors of suicide attempts at the First National Interfaith Conference on Religion and Suicide hosted by Oassis at the Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia.        

That year, the Tullises initiated a Suicide Prevention Resolution which was adopted as Resolution D008 at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, July 2000, Denver, Colorado.        

In June 2001, at the request of co-chairpersons Madge and Ken, Dr. Clemons was the keynote speaker at the West Tennessee Conference on Suicide and Religion in Memphis, Tennessee.        

Later, the Tullises were presenters at the First Suicide and the Black Church Conference co-sponsored by Oassis in June, 2003, in Memphis, Tennessee.        

Dr. Tullis’ story is chapter 7 in Dr. Clemons' book, Children of Jonah, Personal Stories by Survivors of Suicide Attempts.

Finally, the Tullises were consultants, conference planners and presenters for the First National Conference for Survivors of Suicide Attempts, Healthcare Professionals, Clergy and Laity co-sponsored by OASSIS in October, 2005, in Memphis, Tennessee.