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"The Courage to Live WorkBook"

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Also see the companion to this workbook, "Seduction of Suicide".


The Courage to Live Workbook is a groundbreaking companion to Seduction of Suicide. Dr. Tullis has created an innovative, in-depth workbook that speaks to all men and women healing from the effects of suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts. With its combination of checklists, open-ended questions, writing exercises, and reading exercises, this workbook takes the survivor through key aspects of the healing process. It is designed to be used only under the guidance of a licensed therapist familiar with suicide, addictions, and psychological trauma.

  "Nothing I've read in 40 years of practice compares to the insights and practicality this workbook provides those trapped in the suicide cycle. . . "
-Paul Quinnett, PhD
Director QPR Institute
Author: Suicide The Forever Decision and Counseling Suicidal People: A Therapy Of Hope

". . . a lifeline of hope and a detailed roadmap for choosing life. . . "
-Cindy Westcott, LCSW
The Psychological Trauma
Center of Memphis

"A masterfully written, invaluable tool for clients and therapists."
-Gay Moskowitz, LCSW
Individual and Group Therapist

"…an instrument I plan to use in my practice…and recommend to fellow therapists."
-Ted Baldick, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
Christian Psychological Center